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Table 4 Respondents’ assessment of recommendations to guide future health and safety options (n = 101)

From: Injury in kite buggying: the role of the ‘out-of-buggy experience’

Target Kind Specific injury prevention solution Number
Equipment Protective Helmet 17 56
Protective jacket 3
Wrist protections 1
Spine protection 5
Pelvis protection 2
Knee pads 1
Leg protections 1
Boots 1
Not specified 4
For sport Quick release system 12
Leash for the kite 1
Kites (more stable) 3
More fitting kite seats 2
Seat belts 1
Ergonomic buggies (without sharp edges) 1
For training Development of an interactive video-game-specific training software 1
Human factor Training/education Schools/teaching programs 12 41
Formal training/practice 13
Licencing 3
Awareness and ability to judge environmental conditions (wind in particular) 9
Knowledge of the location 1
Knowledge of rules on priority 1
Habit not to use oversized kites 2
Environment Organised flying sites 4