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Table 3 Classification of injury events based on incident dynamics and relative causal factors (crash phase) according to the Haddon matrix

From: Injury in kite buggying: the role of the ‘out-of-buggy experience’

Events (n) Dynamics Description of factors
Environmental (n) Human (n) Equipment (n)
21 OBE Hole in the ground (1)
Seaweed bank (1)
Sudden change in wind direction or intensity (6)
Speed too high (1)
Pilot error in steering the kite (2)
Error during a change of direction (1)
Kite becomes uncontrollable (8)
Line breakage (1)
5 Lifted by kite while not on the buggy Sudden change in wind direction or intensity (2) Inattentiveness when launching the kite (1) Kite becomes uncontrollable (2)
3 Flipped buggy Large hole in the ground (1) Kite steering error (1)
Error in performing a freestyle manoeuvre(360° spins) (1)
2 Collision with equipment Gust of wind (1) Detached wheel (1)
1 Collision with obstacle The pilot did not see an obstacle (1)
1 Involuntary manoeuvre Sudden gust of wind (1)
1 Collision between two buggies Poor visibility (1) (during a night-time competition)