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Table 1 Miyazaki classification and Matsumoto’s classification

From: Asymmetrical degenerative marrow (Modic) changes in cervical spine: prevalence, correlative factors, and surgical outcomes

Miyazaki classification
Grade Nucleus signal intensity Nucleus structure Distinction of nucleus and annulus Disc height
I Hyperintense Homogenous, white Clear Normal
II Hyperintense Inhomogenous with horizontal band, white Clear Normal
III Intermediate Inhomogenous, gray to black Unclear Normal to decreased
IV Hypointense Inhomogenous, gray to black Lost Normal to decreased
V Hypointense Inhomogenous, gray to black Lost Collapsed
Matsumoto’s classification
I Disc bulging beyond the posterior margin of the vertebral body
II Disc bulging over half of epidural space
III Disc protrusion bordering the spinal cord
IV Disc protrusion compressing the spinal cord