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Table 2 Logistic regression model for several factors associated with radiological recurrence of hallux valgus deformity (HV) (hallux valgus angle (HVA) > 15°) and the number of screws used for fixation after reversed L-shaped osteotomy (ReveL) for HV (n = 799)

From: The influence of the number of screws and additional surgical procedures on outcome in hallux valgus treatment

Main effect of variable Stratum-specific effect of variable Category Adjusted OR (95% CI)* p value
One screw after ReveL for HV   
   No 1.00 (reference)  
   Yes 0.55 (0.30–0.98) 0.043
Additional surgical technique for HV   
   No 1.00 (reference)  
   Yes 2.62 (1.24–5.52) 0.011
Time period    
   2004–2007 1.00 (reference)  
   2008–2013 1.50 (0.91–2.47) 0.115
  1. Abbreviations: OR odds ratio, % percent, CI confidence interval, ReveL reversed L-shaped osteotomy, HV hallux valgus deformity
  2. *Adjusted for confounders and effect modifiers: age, sex, preoperative hallux valgus angle, number of screws, additional surgical technique for hallux valgus, time period, and body mass index. Note: The effect modifier Akin osteotomy was not included in the final model since it is already included in additional surgical techniques for hallux valgus
  3. Wald test