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Table 1 Characteristics of included studies

From: Single-bundle versus double-bundle autologous anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials at 5-year minimum follow-up

Study Age, year
Mean (SD)
Follow-up, year n (the last follow-up) Femoral drilling Implant Fixation Outcome
Jarvela (2017) [33] DB: 34 ± 10
SB: 30 ± 8
10 DB: 24
SB: 23
AM HT (AU) BIS BIS Lysholm score; IKDC score; IKDC grade A; pivot-shift test; KT-1000 (SSD); OA changes; revision surgery (graft failure)
Beyaz (2017) [34] DB: 33.53 ± 5.47
SB: 31.06 ± 5.48
8 DB: 15
SB: 16
AM HT (AU) EB BIS Tegner activity scale; IKDC score; Lysholm score; OA changes; tunnel widening; Isokinetic muscle strength
Adravanti (2017) [35] DB: 26.4 ± 8.5
SB: 28.3 ± 6.2
6 DB: 25
SB: 25
DB: TT (AMB), outside-in (PLB); SB:TT HT (AU) EB BIS Lysholm score; IKDC grade A; KT-2000 (SSD); OA changes; graft rerupture (graft failure)
Karikis (2016) [36] DB: 33.53 ± 5.47
SB: 31.06 ± 5.48
5 DB: 46
SB: 41
AM HT (AU) MIS BIS Tegner level; Lysholm score; Single-legged hop test; KOOS Outcomes; KT-1000 (SSD); Lachman test; pivot-shift test; OA changes
Zaffagnini (2011) [37] DB: 27 ± 9
SB: 26 ± 9.5
8 DB: 40
SB: 39
DB: medial portal; SB: AM DB: HT (AU)
IS IS IKDC grade A; pivot-shift test; Tegner level; KT-2000 (SSD)
  1. SD standard deviation, DB double-bundle, SB single-bundle, AM anteromedial portal technique, TT transtibial technique, HT hamstring tendon, BPTB bone-patellar tendon-bone, AU autologous, FS femoral side, TS tibial side, BIS bioabsorbable screw, MIS metal interference screws, IS interference screws, IKDC International Knee Documentation Committee, SSD side-to-side difference, KOOS Knee injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score, OA osteoarthritis, ROM range of motion