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Table 7 Correlation between active external rotation range (AERR) and its related variables

From: Risk factors for retear of large/massive rotator cuff tears after arthroscopic surgery: an analysis of tearing patterns

   Correlation coefficient (r) P Value
Preoperative ER Preoperative ER MS 0.3 0.06
Preoperative ER ISP FD −0.36 0.04
Preoperative ER Goutallier ISP −0.154 0.37
ISP FD Preoperative ER MS −0.0154 0.93
ISP FD Goutallier ISP 0.82 < 0.001
Goutallier ISP Preoperative ER MS 0.05 0.77
  1. ER external rotation, MS muscle strength, ISP infraspinatus