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Table 1 Agents, commercial stock solution concentrations, and final concentrations

From: Iopromide- and gadopentetic acid-derived preparates used in MR arthrography may be harmful to chondrocytes

Pharmacological agents Commercial stock solution concentration (mg/mL) Final concentration (mg/mL) Groups
Group I (untreated control group)
Gd-DPT 469.01 18.7 Group II
IPM 623 15.6 Group III
0.9% saline Diluent Group IV (mixture)
Gd-DPT 469.01 18.7
IPM 623 15.6
Lidocaine 100 2.5
  1. Gd-DPT gadolinium-diethylenetriaminepentaacetate, IPM iopropamide