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Table 3 Multivariate generalized estimated equation (GEE) analysis for Cobb angle

From: The therapeutic characteristics of serial casting on congenital scoliosis: a comparison with non-congenital cases from a single-center experience

  Cobb angle
Parameters B (95% CI) P
Time point
 Precast Ref  
 After the 1st cast −18.85 (−22.12–15.58) <0.001
 At the latest follow-up −17.50 (−21.62–13.38) <0.001
 CS Ref  
 Non-CS −13.57 (−26.38–0.76) 0.038
  1. Multivariate GEE was used to investigate the effects of group and time on Cobb angles with adjustment of the other baseline variables including age, sex, follow-up time, number of casting, time in cast, and scoliosis side