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Table 1 Stiffness and failure data from both synthetic bone and cadaveric bone tests

From: Weight-bearing recommendations after first metatarsophalangeal joint arthrodesis fixation: a biomechanical comparison

   Cyclic loading Failure loading
Synthetic   Stiffness (N/mm) Maximum allowable load (N)
Unlocked 15.6 (±1.7) N/A
Locked 18.1 (±2.3) N/A
Crossed screws 94.7 (±12.5) 101.0 (±17.8)
Plate and lag screw 373.4 (±76.3) 130.9 (±19.4)
Cadaveric   Stiffness (N/mm) Maximum allowable load (N)
Crossed screws 152.4 (±14.2) 93.9 (±14.4)
Plate and lag screw 122.1 (±5.9) 154.1 (±40.7)
  1. This table shows average stiffness, average failure loads, and corresponding standard error for all four constructs tested. The unlocked plate plus screw construct was stiffer than the other constructs for those assembled with the composite bones. Using cadaveric bones did not support that finding with the crossed screws construct having a higher measured stiffness than the unlocked plate plus screw