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Table 1 Recommended internal fixations for the Pauwels type III femoral neck fracture

From: An update on the Pauwels classification

  Author Year Recommended internal fixation
Mechanics Selvan 2004 The triangle configuration of cannulated hip screws
Hawks 2013 A lag screw construct perpendicular to the fracture combined with two parallel cannulated screws
Aminian 2007 Fixed-angle devices
Nowotarski 2011 A novel femoral neck locking plate with two 5.7-mm locking head cancellous screws, one lag screw into the calcar, and two screws into the shaft
Baitner 1999 Sliding hip screw
Rupprecht 2011 The Intertan
Saglam 2014 Minimal invasive sliding anti-rotator compressive hip screw
Basso 2014 A lateral locking plate combined with three screws
Samsami 2015 Dynamic hip screw with derotational screw
Clinic Liporace 2008 Fixed-angle devices
Chen 2011 A dynamic hip screw combined with an anti-rotation screw
Virkus 2009 A horizontal lag screw combined with two parallel cannulated screws