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Fig. 1

From: Severe open Lisfranc injuries: one-stage operation through internal fixation associated with vacuum sealing drainage

Fig. 1

Male patient, aged 55, with right foot severe open Lisfranc fracture-dislocation, was admitted to hospital 2 h after being crushed under heavy objects. One-stage internal fixation using k-wires associated with VSD was performed during emergency. a Severe open wound on the right foot with Lisfranc fracture-dislocation and badly contaminated, combined with ankle fracture shown on X-ray film. b One-stage reduction and multiple k-wire internal fixation were performed via the open wound and dorsal incision, sealed with VSD kit. c The condition of original wound and incision was checked when VSD kit was changed 5 days after surgery. d The patient was discharged from hospital 23 days after surgery, when the dorsal incision recovered well after suture, and the original open wound also recovered well after postage stamp grafting. e One year after injury and 8 months after weight-bearing walking, with satisfying appearance and function. f On X-ray film before surgery, fracture-dislocation was observed to the right Lisfranc joint, combined with distal fibula fracture. g Multiple k-wire cross-fixation was performed during surgery; the fracture-dislocation reached to anatomical reduction under X-ray. h AP, oblique, and lateral X-ray showing the condition of fracture-dislocation after one-stage internal fixation with good alignment. i Space broadening was not observed by CT review and X-ray film half a year after removing internal fixators

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