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Table 2 Comparison of parameters in different image modalities

From: Compared to X-ray, three-dimensional computed tomography measurement is a reproducible radiographic method for normal proximal humerus

  t value P value
3-D CT/radiographic   
NSA1/NSA2 −2.080 0.040*
TSH1/TSH2 −14.075 <0.001*
HHT1/HHT2 −22.288 <0.001*
cASD1/cASD2 −6.877 <0.001*
  1. NSA neck-shaft angle, TSH tuberosity-to-articular surface height, HHT humeral head thickness, cASD articular surface diameter in the coronal plane
  2. *Statistically significant (P < 0.05)