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Table 2 Load distribution of the different items on the factors identified following exploratory factor analysis

From: Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Spanish version of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons-Foot and Ankle Module (AAOS-FAMsp)

1 2
P7 Did foot ankle give way during strenuous activity 0.947 −0.139
P8 Did foot ankle give way during moderate activity 0.971 −0.131
P13 Pain when doing strenuous activity 0.729 0.039
P14 Pain when doing moderate activity 0.734 0.172
P1 During the past week how stiff was foot ankle −0.028 0.484
P3 Pain when walking on uneven surfaces 0.388 0.700
P4 Pain when walking on flat surfaces 0.219 0.775
P6 Pain when lying in bed at night 0.292 0.428
P11 How much trouble with balance during the past week 0.263 0.416
P12 How difficult was it to put on or take off socks stockings 0.369 0.437
P15 Pain when doing light activity 0.335 0.635
P16 Pain when standing for an hour 0.366 0.487
P17 Pain when standing for a few minutes 0.215 0.569
P18 How much difficulty walking on uneven surfaces 0.423 0.567
P20 Can wear most shoes 0.136 0.398
P24 How much did ankle foot interfere with normal work 0.211 0.727
P25 How much did ankle foot interfere with life 0.246 0.750
P2 During the past week, how swollen was foot ankle 0.130 0.249
P5 Pain when going up or down stairs 0.020 0.341
P9 Did foot ankle give way during light activity 0.126 0.170
P10 Which statements best describes your ability to get 0.242 0.254
P19 Can wear any shoe 0.207 0.300
P21 Can wear sneakers walking casual shoes 0.064 0.224
P22 Can wear orthopaedic prescription shoes −0.074 0.020
P23 Can wear all shoes 0.190 0.252