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Table 1 Pre-determined hypotheses for testing the validity of the Dutch version of OSIS; expected correlations

From: The Oxford Shoulder Instability Score; validation in Dutch and first-time assessment of its smallest detectable change

  Expected correlations
1. OSIS and WOSI ≥0.7
2. OSIS and SST ≥0.6
3. OSIS and OSS ≥0.6
4. OSIS and DASH ≥0.6
5. Correlation between OSIS and body-part-specific PROMs (SST, OSS, and DASH) should be at least 0.1 higher than that between OSIS and the generic SF-36 subscales
6. Correlation between OSIS and SF-36 physical function scale should be at least 0.1 higher than the correlations between OSIS and the other SF-36 subscales