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Fig. 5 | Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research

Fig. 5

From: Are biological agents toxic to human chondrocytes and osteocytes?

Fig. 5

Morphological evaluation of cell surfaces. ESEM images of control group, chondrocyte, and osteocyte cultures (a, b, c, and d are ×1000, ×5000, ×10,000, and ×20,000 magnification of chondrocyte, respectively; e, f, g, and h are ×3000, ×5000, ×25,000, and ×50,000 magnification of osteocyte, respectively). ESEM images of chondrocytes after 24 and 48 h BAs application (magnification ×10,000) and osteocytes after 24 and 48 h following the administration of BAs (magnification ×5000)

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