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Table 3 Previous reports describing the surgical treatment for patients with fibrous dysplasia of proximal neck

From: Surgical treatment for fibrous dysplasia of femoral neck with mild but prolonged symptoms: a case series

  No. of cases Type of bone graft Internal fixation Clinical course
Nakashima et al. [8] 8 Autograft None six of eight patients were successful
Enneking et al. [3] 15 Cortical autograft None Continuity of grafted bone in all cases, two cases required additional surgery
Harris et al. [7] 10 Autograft None five had a poor result
Shih et al. [12] 22 Cortical allograft, cancellous autograft CHS All patients had good bone healing
Guille et al. [6] 22 Cancellous autograft Yes* All cancellous bone grafts were resorbed
Current study 8 Cortical autograft CHS All patients had improved post-operative function
  1. *methods varied, CHS; compression hip screw