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Table 2 Scoring of histological sections to assess cellularity, vascularity, and collagen fiber organization

From: Percutaneous ultrasonic debridement of tendinopathy—a pilot Achilles rabbit model

  Appearance Description
Cellularity score
 0 Normal Presence of flattened cells in a linear pattern between fibers
 1 Slightly abnormal Some rounded cells present, slight increase in cellularity
 2 Abnormal Many rounded cells present, obvious increase in cellularity
 3 Markedly abnormal Mostly rounded cells present, much higher numbers
Vascularity score
 0 Normal Presence of some vascular bundles parallel to collagen fibers
 1 Slightly abnormal Slight increase in number of vascular bundles
 2 Abnormal Increased number of vascular bundles
 3 Markedly abnormal Large increase in number of vascular bundles
Organization score
 0 Normal Parallel collagen fibers of similar widths
 1 Slightly abnormal Some loss of fiber organization, some loss of linearity
 2 Abnormal Moderate loss of fiber organization, few linear regions
 3 Markedly abnormal Total loss of organization, no linear fibers
  1. Scoring was based on the system described by Movin et al. [23]