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Table 1 Procedure of PLA2 activity measurement

From: Effect of percutaneous nucleoplasty with coblation on phospholipase A2 activity in the intervertebral disks of an animal model of intervertebral disk degeneration: a randomized controlled trial

Regents Tube A Tube B
Substrate buffer solution 8 ml 8 ml
Calcium chloride (0.5 mol/L) - 0.2 ml
EDTAa (15 mmol/L) 1.1 ml -
Samples 0.4 ml 0.4 ml
  Water bath at 37°C, 60 min  
Calcium chloride (0.5 mol/L) 0.2 ml -
EDTA (15 mmol/L) - 1.1 ml
  1. One PLA2 activity unit was defined as follows: 1 ml of sample consumes 1 nmol of dilute hydrochloric acid solution per min during titration at 37°C. (1 U = l nmol ml/min). aEthylenediaminetetraacetic acid.