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Table 1 Patient demographics and clinical characteristics

From: Comparison of single coracoclavicular suture fixation and hook plate for the treatment of acute unstable distal clavicle fractures

  M group H group P value
Number of patients 40 28  
Gender, M/F 28/12 16/12 0.311a
Age (years) 43.2 (18–75) 48.3 (28–78) 0.201b
Trauma mechanism, V/F 24/16 20/8 0.441a
Time from injury to surgery (days) 1.6 (0–4) 1.8 (0–5) 0.791b
Follow-up period (months) 38.2 (24–64) 37.4 (24–68) 0.460b
  1. Data are expressed as mean (range) unless stated otherwise; M single coracoclavicular suture fixation with Mersilene tape, H AO hook plating, V/F vehicular trauma/fall from a height; achi-square test; bindependent sample t test.