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Table 1 Systemic preoperative assessment of the rheumatoid patient

From: Lower limb joint replacement in rheumatoid arthritis

History Examination Investigations
Disease onset Complete medical Full blood count
Pattern and sequence Joint inflammation Urea & creatinine
Presences and persistent joint swelling Joint damage and range of motion Electrolytes
Pain (site, severity, duration) Soft tissue integrity Liver function tests
Morning stiffness Extra-articular features Chest radiograph
Functional limitations Grip strength Cervical spine radiograph
Non-articular features General health Electrocardiogram
Psychological features Dental inspection Urine dipstick +/− culture
Systemic features Neurological assessment Pulmonary function tests
Review of all systems   Echocardiogram (limiting cardiac pathology)
Prior anaesthetic and surgery   
Drugs and allergies   Airway assessment