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Table 1 Detailed information of early femoral component failures.

From: Risk factor analysis for early femoral failure in metal-on-metal hip resurfacing arthroplasty: the effect of bone density and body mass index

Time after surgery (Months) Reason of Failure Femoral Fixation T Score Femoral Size (mm) Primary Diagnosis Sex Body mass index (kg/m2) Age (yrs)
1 Femoral Neck Fracture Fully porous coated -1.9 52 OA Male 35 59
1.4 Femoral Neck Fracture Fully porous coated -0.3 44 OA Female 24 61
3.1 Femoral Neck Fracture Cemented -1.6 46 OA Female 29 43
10 Femoral Loosening Fully porous coated -0.5 54 Dysplasia Male 34 50
17.8* Femoral Loosening Cemented -2.1 52 AVN Male 31 31
  1. * The primary indication of hip resurfacing was avascular necrosis for this young gentleman. The symptom of severe pain due to avascular necrosis into femoral component was found 17.8 months post-operatively with visual analog scale pain score of 9/10. The patient waited to revise to total hip arthroplasty 27.6 months after surgery.