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Table 1 Patient demographics and baseline characteristics

From: Non-invasive interactive neurostimulation (InterX ™) reduces acute pain in patients following total knee replacement surgery: a randomised, controlled trial

  Control Group
N = 30
InterX Group
N = 28
   Male 15 15
   Female 15 13
Average Age (years) 69.3 67.9
Baseline* VRS 4.4 5.9
ROM (degrees)   
   Pre-op 109.5 110.4
   Baseline 60.4 45.7
Baseline* Inflammation (cm) 4.7 3.5
  1. *Baseline here is defined as the first measurement on Day 1 after the bandages have been removed.
  2. The groups are clinically significantly different in three variables: Pain (VRS) was higher in the InterX group; ROM was poorer in the InterX group; inflammation/oedema was higher in the control group.