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Table 1 Ranked design factors that influenced an editor's decision to accept a study for publication.

From: A survey of orthopaedic journal editors determining the criteria of manuscript selection for publication

Study design factors Percentage score (very unimportant/slightly unimportant/indifferent/slightly important/very important)
The study conclusions are justified 80% very important
The statistical analysis is appropriate 76% very important
The study findings could change practice 72% very important
The level of evidence 70% very important
The study design (e.g. randomised controlled trial) 62% very important
The study is a 'hot topic 53% slightly important
The study complies with the journal's aim 48% very important
The study has a large sample size 45% slightly important
The study reinforces my beliefs 41% very unimportant
The study findings are unexpected 39% slightly important
The study findings are statistically significant 38% very important