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Table 2 Rotation angles*, obtained with FEM and with the analytical model.

From: Assessment of the primary rotational stability of uncemented hip stems using an analytical model: Comparison with finite element analyses

  Moment [Nm] RotaMIN RotaLOW RotaMED RotaHIGH RotaMAX
FEM 4 5,03E-03 5,88E-03 1,71E-03 2,82E-03 1,23E-03
  10 1,39E-02 1,77E-02 7,11E-03 6,45E-03 4,47E-03
  20 2,93E-02 3,26E-02 1,38E-02 1,20E-02 8,76E-03
Analytical model 4 1,18E-05 8,58E-06 5,12E-06 4,05E-06 3,20E-06
  10 2,94E-05 2,15E-05 1,28E-05 1,01E-05 8,00E-06
  20 5,88E-05 4,29E-05 2,56E-05 2,03E-05 1,60E-05
  1. *Angles expressed in radians, for all five stems, under torsional loads of 4 Nm, 10 Nm and 20 Nm.