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Table 1 Definition of the histological types of periprosthetic membranes (Krenn and Morawietz et al.)

From: Diagnosis of periprosthetic infection following total hip arthroplasty – evaluation of the diagnostic values of pre- and intraoperative parameters and the associated strategy to preoperatively select patients with a high probability of joint infection

Type Characteristics
Type I – Periprosthetic membrane of the wear particle induced type Infiltration of predominantly macrophages and multinuclear giant cells containing PE particles
Type II – Periprosthetic membrane of the infectious type Activated fibroblasts, proliferation of small blood vessels, oedema, and inflammatory infiltrate of neutrophilic granulocytes
Type III – Periprosthetic membrane of the combined type Combination of the histomorphological changes described for types I and II
Type IV – Periprosthetic membrane of the indeterminate type (non infected, non wear particle induced) Connective tissue low in cells and rich in collagen fibres