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Figure 3

From: Multiple functions of the von Willebrand Factor A domain in matrilins: secretion, assembly, and proteolysis

Figure 3

Immunocytochemistry analysis of matrilin-3 transfected cells. Cos cells were transfected with either wildtype (WT) or R116W mutant (MUT) matrilin-3 cDNA. Three days post-transfection, immunocytochemistry analysis was performed with an antibody against the V5 tag of the recombinant matrilin-3. Matrilin-3 positive signals are indicated by rhodamine (red) fluorescence, while the cell nucleus is indicated by Hoechst dye (blue). Please note the expanded cytoplasm in mutant matrilin-3 transfected cells. Arrows indicate the presence of multiple vacuoles in those cells. Bar = 6 μm.

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