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Table 1 Decalcified Histology Scoring System Designed to Quantify Allograft Healing

From: Effects of low intensity pulsed ultrasound with and without increased cortical porosity on structural bone allograft incorporation

Score Host-Allograft Cortical Bridging Callus Tissue Type/Host-Graft Direct Interface Callus (% of c.t.) Host & Graft Graft Vascularity Live Cells In Graft
0 No bridging Fibrous/pseudoarthrosis None No resorption None No
1 BC on 1 side Cartilage 50% Extensive resorption/No Ob Some Yes
2 BC on 2 sides Endochondral ossification 100% Some Resorption/No Ob Moderate  
3 BC and cortex on 1 side Bone 150% Extensive Resorption/Some Ob Prolific  
4 BC and cortex on 2 sides   200% Some Resorption/Some Ob   
5    > 200% Some Resorption/Extensive OB   
6     Extensive Resorption/Extensive OB   
  1. Legend: BC = bridging callus; Ob = osteoblast; Oc = osteoclast; callus area thickness is expressed as percent (%) of cortical thickness (c.t.)